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1973 case model#222

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11973 case model#222 Empty 1973 case model#222 on Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:54 pm

I have a Case 1973 model 222 serial#9690242 that came stock with the 12hp Kohlert hat has been severly modified for doing tractor pulls. The hydrolic pump, motor valce body and such are still all original.The motor is the only thing that has been changed. I pulled before in the 900lb. class on black top about 6 times and it did phenomenal every time. Before I competed in the latest pull in the 1050lb.class I was pulling a 12,000lb forklift up hill and spining the tires with ease. The eliminator is about the same to pull as the forklift. When pulling the eliminator I noticed a great reduction in torque and was only able to move the sled about 10ft. The hydro fluid was passing by somewhere making a squealing noise. Is there some kind of adjustment on the valve bank, hydro motor, or some kind of upgrade that anyone knows about to help me with. I am in desperate need of advise do to the next pull being a month away........Help me somebody!!

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