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C/P Build For 09

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1 C/P Build For 09 on Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:17 am

Ok lets get started!!!!!

This mower build will be from the ground up customized to my likings as per rules apply
for the C/P class I plan on following the USLMRA build rules.

Always feel free to ask any questions u may have along the way and I will try to answer them as best as I can.

The Chassis that I will be using is similar to these, it is a step through type MTD chassis.

First thing I do is strip the chassis down to its essentials, which is the frame, hood, grill, fenders, and steering colum.

Ok, Now I clean the frame, the top of the frame I cleaned with an abrasive pad on the die grinder and the bottom of the frame I just used a wire wheel to clean all the rust off.



Next I start by trimming the rear box for ground clearance, and then I also clean that with an abrasive pad.



Now I take the rear box and mount it to the main frame, and the other picture is it with just the fenders sitting on there.

So after that I start by reinforcing the frame with 1x1 mild steel square tubing 16g. The pieces have to be cut to fit the contour of the frame.

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2 Re: C/P Build For 09 on Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:10 pm

Looks like a good start is this your first build? Have you raced with USLMRA before? What engine are you going to use?

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3 Re: C/P Build For 09 on Tue Jan 13, 2009 1:25 am

Ive built 2 other mowers before this one. I have not raced yet but i hope to when i get this mower finished. I plan on using a 14.5 HP OHV Briggs motor.

Ok, so I got some more work done today on bracing the frame. First I start by straightening up the angle on the front edge of the box, I trim it off with a die grinder.

Now I take some square tubing and cut it to fit around the top edge of the box.

After everything is welded into place I run a piece of square tubing acrossed the top front of the box. I put that there to make it a bit sturdier.

Now that that’s completed I run another piece of tubing from the top front of the box down to the tubing that has already be ran down the inside of the frame frails.

Now that that’s done I just weld everything solid and it should look like this.

I also got the flanges welded on for the rear axle tonight to.

Just a little more work to do tomorrow and I should be done with bracing the frame.

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4 Re: C/P Build For 09 on Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:22 pm

Finally had some time to work on my mower, as you can see i used some flat steel to brace the frame where the motor is going to mount.

Also as you can see i have been working on my steering.

Here is my steering shaft and steering wheel.

Here is the end of my steering shaft, I made it so it could be easily removed if needed simply by pounding out the roll pin.

And finally here is my dash.

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5 Re: C/P Build For 09 on Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:40 am

Ok i was able to get a little more work done today. I tore apart my 700 tranny, cleaned it all up and and installed a new input shaft and now im just waiting on my seal (and other parts) to arrive from EC. Here is a picture of my tranny completely assembled.

Ok so I got to thinking today, and i might have a slight change in plans. As of right now the rear end of my mower has about 7 inches of ground clearance. I have decided I am going to drop that to 4 inches. Reason being is that my fenders will not be any higher than they are now, I will have to add to the top of the rear box of the frame, but the fenders will still only be 1/4 above the tires plus it will give me a lil bit more room to mount my tranny. I will be posting pictures of this process.

So this first picture just shows the axle mount cut off.

The second Picture shows the mount "tacked" in place.

The next 2 pictures just show the 2 mounts fully welded into place. I moved the mounts 2 inches higher on the rear box to get my frame down to just a hair more than 4 inches.

Here is how the frame sits now that it is lowered to 4 inches.

Worked on the rear box a lil more today. The first two pictures show that i had to add app. 2 inches to the top of the box.

The last picture is how the rear box looks now.

Now i just gotta do some final welding and then comes the tranny plate and brakes/sprockets.

Alrighty, I started to work on the tranny plate so what i did was used a piece of OSB we had laying around and I used that as a mock up tranny plate. So here are a few pictures.

And I started to check out on how I was going to do my brakes. I cant decide on if I want the caliper on the inside or outside of the frame, so i figure I would see what some of your guys opinions are. Here is a picture so you can see what kinda room I got to work with.

I will try and finish mounting my rear fenders tomorrow so I can get those pictures on here.

Ok got the tranny plate mostly done today along with lots of pictures.

The top piece of wood is my mock up tranny plate. And the bottom piece is my 1/4 inch steel plate cut to size.

These next three pictures are just of the hole getting drilled for the input shaft of the tranny plate.
I marked where to start the hole with a center punch.

In the process, I was sure to use cutting fluid on the bit so it would stay cool and I ran the drill press at slow speed.

The hole is finally cut, but the hole is slightly smaller than the tranny housing.

So, I took the die grinder with a flapper disc and removed some material till the plate fit snugly on the housing.

And here I got the holes drilled to mount the tranny.

More work to be done tomorrow.....

Got the tranny plate welded in finally. Here is a few pictures.

Also fixed and mounted the front grille today. the bottom of it was all broken and cracked. i tried welding it but it was so rusted it would burn right through, so I trimmed about a half inch off. I welded a new piece of flat steel onto the bottom of it.

The piece i cut off.

And with that piece gone I now have some good metal to weld to.

And here is a picture of the piece of steel welded on, and the grille mounted to the mower.
I also had to notch the grille for the steering to clear.

I also made some supports so that the grille won't flex or bend and so that it will stay solid.

And finally a picture of how she looks now!!!!!!!!

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6 Re: C/P Build For 09 on Fri May 01, 2009 12:14 am

Ok got the brakes done tonight.

First pic I got the pedal bent.

Second picture pedal is mounted an measuring for rod length. Also got master cylinder mounted.

Finished brake pedal!!!!

Now I gotta wait till i get my pulleys so i can start on the clutch set up.

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7 Re: C/P Build For 09 on Sat May 02, 2009 8:57 am

Looks great you do some good work.

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8 Re: C/P Build For 09 on Tue May 05, 2009 12:37 am

Got a little better picture of the brakes today.

And here is a picture of me standing beside my mower so you can see how low this thing really is.

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9 Re: C/P Build For 09 on Sat May 09, 2009 1:47 am


Great do some nice work for a young man !! cant wait to see it finished in paint.

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10 Re: C/P Build For 09 on Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:03 am

The front end of this mower is getting redone so its fully ajustable and its gonna have new aluminum rims and hubs to. Just ordered my heims. Got my plates made for one side of my axle the inner plate is steel the outer is aluminum. Here is a few pics.

The steel plate is slotted on both ends as you can see. The hole in the center is tapped into the steel plate and the aluminum plate pivots.

Ok here what I got drawn up for front end pretty basic and same as many already out there but i figured it could possibly help someone out so here it is, its got all your measurements and sizes for ya.

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11 Re: C/P Build For 09 on Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:35 am

Ok got some more work done. here the dash is mounted. i made it out of a new peice of steel cause i cut the old one off since i welded it on cockide, and once i cut it off it was short so i made a new one just like it but a lil bit taller.

Here is the bearing at the bottom at the steering shaft i also replaced that cause the old one didnt look very nice and i wanted it to look more professional.

And here is the front spindle setup. Nice and clean looking.

Here is a view from the drivers seat, Gonna be a sweet ride.

I also redone the one portion of the deck to make it nice and clean looking.

Here is a few pictures of it with the hood and fenders on it. Lookin pretty nice right now.

I still gotta do the steering linkage, run the clutch, mount the hood and fenders, place the fuel tank an batterie, Brace the rear box and a few minor other things. Then its almost test time lol. I caint wait to get this baby movin.

Got my Rims and hubs, tires mounted they look sweet i was implessed on how easy the tires went on.

Here is a picture of my front spindle...

I took a piece of 1 inch solid rod an put it in a lathe an bored a half inch hole through it an i cut the piece 1 3/4 inch long. Then I bought a Grade 8 6 inch long bolt an cut the threads off to 3/4 inch an cut a 10 degree angle on the head of the bolt. I then put the bolt in the drill press an used a grinder to make the head of the bolt round. Then I welded it to my 1 3/4 long piece.....

Here are pics of the nerf bars beside the mower. What u guys think. Im going to cut the ends off of them an make them removable for us an put them back on for arma.

Here is a pic of the front end welded in place. Where the motor sits has been replaced with a piece of stainless and bracing will be added underneith to help support the motor.

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